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Weak Auras: Frost Mage Patch 5.4




18/1/2014: Removed Evocation Aura due to it corrupting the setup functionality for some players. Invocation Bar and absence warning still working as a charm!

Esta semana os traigo un setup de Weak Auras que me han pedido para Mago FROST, al estilo de mis otros setups. Contáis con un panel de auras central para trackear buffs, spells y vuestras bombas en el objetivo, y dos grupos secundarios para trackear vuestros spells defensivos, ofensivos y los procs de vuestros enchants, trinkets, etc. Espero que os sea de utilidad. Si así es y queréis probar todas o algunas de las auras, tenéis en este mismo post los enlaces a las lineas que debéis introducir en vuestro Weak Auras para importar los elementos de este setup.

This week I  bring you a new Weak Auras setup I’ve been asked for. This time it covers the FROST Mage specialization. You will have a central pannel composed by auras tracking your buffs, spells and bombs on target and two separate groups tracking both your offensive and deffensive skills, as well as your trinket and enchant procs. Hope you find them useful. If that’s the case and you will to try the setup or any of its auras, you will find the links to the strings you must import into your Weak Auras in this blog entry.



Jugadores con el juego en castellano debéis cambiar el nombre de las habilidades para que funcionen correctamente / These auras are created with english spell names. – Main Track Pannel & Next Spell Suggestion – Offensive & Defensive Cooldowns – Trinkets, Enchant procs and durations

NEW – – Specific Main Track Pannel for Frost Bomb


Recordad que debéis importar estas auras creando un nuevo aura de tipo Import / Importar pegando el código y pulsando ‘Import’/’Importar’ en vuestro Weak Auras.

Remember, in order to import these auras, copy the string at Pastebin, go to your Weak Auras and select New – Import, then paste the string, accept and finally press Import.

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  • Hi mate!
    I love all of your works! It’s great!
    I’ve some troubles with this setup. The main spells track don’t work, it’s locked all time on evocation! Can you help me ?

    Sorry for my bad english!

    • Hey ED sup!

      Still trying to identify the issue. I am logged in right now checking this with another player. I’ll inform you as soon as I know something. If I don’t find the issue soon I’ll just redo the setup.

    • I googled some forums and several users report issues while importing, something with errors in addon variables. I suggest you save your auras in strings, wipe WeakAuras and its variables (/wtf/account//savedvariables/weakauras.lua & .lua.bak) and reinstall it again. Also note that you must install Weak Auras 2 since Weak Auras 1 is discontinued and no longer compatible.

    • Hey ED. I’ve updated the Main Track Pannel strings removing the Evocation aura, since I couldn’t find the issue. Try and tell me something please.

      • I’m a total shit with weak aura so I decided to use your script, I just replaced the name of Invoker’s energy by it’s ID (Weak aura is telling me he will do a total scan and use some CPU to do that) on the two trackers of that buff and it’s working like a charm.

  • hi, nice good job

    thx for noticing me

    I’ve been your strings for 3 weeks.

    I wonder
    when i choose Glyph of Splitting Ice, ice vein’s cool time doesn’t works.

    so how i fix that? curious..

      • Hey guys, I’ve been unable to reproduce your issue with Splitting Ice and Icy Veins cooldown. Can you be more specific? As you mentioned, cool time doesn´t work in your setups but I am not suffering the issue.

  • Hi, the problem with Evocation happens with me too. Any updates regarding this problem? I tried to uninstall WA and its savedvariables but it didn’t work.

    • Hey Odracir. I’ve updated the Main Track Pannel strings removing the Evocation aura, since I couldn’t find the issue. Try and tell me something please.

  • Hi, firstly these are really great thanks for sharing them. Is there a reason that you havent included Frost bomb though. If you select Frost bomb as your bomb talent choice it totally breaks these weak aura’s and the main spell panel doesnt work anymore. Any chance you can modify them to include Frost bomb?

    • Thanks in advance. Aura was probably broken when I tried to find what was corrupting Evocation aura in first term. I’ll add Frost Bomb and Living Bomb asap and re-upload the strings. Be in touch.

    • Added a specific Main Track Pannel which is only activated when Frost Bomb is selected as talent. It works exactly the same as the other pannel replacing it to remind you have Frost Bomb available for use. You can take the string from here

  • Hello,

    thank you so much for this strings. I really appreciate
    but i have a probleme with living bomb.

    I use Living bomb instead Frost bomb.

    But the living bomb icon is still visible, even if it is already applied on mi target
    and i didn’t see the cast sequence. (below?)

    I really appreciate it if you help me
    sorry for my english (I’m french)


    • Hey Mig!
      Please make sure at the trigger tab of each aura, that spell names are changed to their French equivalent or spell ID, otherwise the setup will break and trackers or sequence will be not functional. Please try this and come back if it doesn’t solve the issue.

      • Hi Gummer,
        thank you for your quick response.
        I change the name from the beginning of use,
        I’ll use often weak, and I always change the names.

        all the spells names in the Main Track Pannel are changed.

        but my problem is that the icon of the living bomb is still apparent. (and no cast sequence appears)

        When i change my Living bomb to Frost bomb, I do not encounter problems.

        I really like your settings, and I absolutely want to use it.

        Thank you in advance for your help


  • Hi, MIG, i have exactly the same problem and i play with the french client :)
    Can you please help me with this issue?


    • Hello Jake,

      First, thank you 😉
      You can make aura groups work only when in combat. Just open Weak Auras (/wa) select a group then browse to Load tab and tick on In combat.

      Hope it helps you.

      Best regards.

  • Someone necessarily help to make seriously articles I’d state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I surprised with the research you made to create this particular publish extraordinary. Fantastic process! edeabeggdedf

    • Thank you so much, I am really excited about making new setups, specially when Warlords of Draenor hits late this year.

      Thank you again John!

    • Hola Vashea. He comprobado todos los enlaces a Pastebin y funcionan correctamente. ¿Puedes comprobarlo de nuevo? Es posible que se tratase de un problema temporal.

      Un saludo

    • I just with RU realm. And I liked your WA. But it does not work correctly, because the names of abilities, not their ID. I really hope that you will help me.

      • Hey Likalika, unfortunately Weak Auras seems to be automatically converting the spell ID into the spell name when I change it, so I am afraid you will have to change them manually into your Weak Auras interface for each trigger. Remember you can use an addon such as built-in ElvUI feature to know spells SpellID. Regards!

  • Very nice and usefull 😉 Great Job.

    What are you using for the Cooldown Counter in Weak aura ? ( 54 in Frozen Orb)

    • Hey Maspalio, if you mean the Cooldown Count displayed in the auras I used OmniCC for cooldown numbers on mostly everything. If you mean which font I used, it’s Monoglyceride.
      Thanks for the kind words!

  • Hi Gummer!
    I’m a little new to weakauras, and I would really like to use your work. Great job btw! Unfortunately, whenever I try to paste the string from the pastebin into my game, I get an error saying “Error decompressing: unknown compression method.” Would you (or anyone else reading this) happen to know how I could fix this? Thanks!

    • Slizer sorry for the late answer, I’ve been on holiday past few weeks. Never saw that error before and I can’t recall hearing anyone having it. Just make sure you are using the last version update of Weak Auras and let me know if it works.

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